4th Regional Helix Conference | Porto

Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Sustainability– Rethinking the Helix

The new paradigms of the industry and processes of adding value require a critical reflection the sustainability of entrepreneurial ecosystems and on the  relationship between businesses, government, the society and the processes of knowledge creation. As organizations encounter serious pressures from consumers, users, community groups, governments and NGOs, while, simultaneously, face intensive competition in the global economy, they are gradually compelled to recognize the demands of sustainability and rethink the Helix.

Regional entrepreneurial ecosystems and sustainability are considered buzzwords among several sectors; and organizations seem determined to demonstrate their stakeholders that their practices are in line with responsible entrepreneurial ecosystems. This paradigm requires all actors within local, regional and national economies to collaborate and engage into dialogues that link the helices of regional development and sustainability.

This is the context of the 4th Regional Helix. This edition is specially focused on rethinking the Helix, debating and proposing solutions for key problems related to entrepreneurial and societal challenges, targeting to the creation of added value for real, and nowadays circular, economy. Researchers and academics, as much as policy practitioners are invited to submit their papers in English for this event, bringing their valuable contributions to the field.

Vitor Braga / Marisa Ferreira